How to Set Up a WaveLight Air Wall

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WaveLight Air Walls are one of our favorite portable display options for our customers.

Only one person is required to set the unit up thanks to its already installed graphic.

All that’s needed to do to set the display up is to remove the display from its case or bag and then inflate it using the electric air pump to its maximum pressure. Like an inflatable mattress!

The more pressure the display’s air bladder has, the more stable and rigid it will become. And don’t worry, you won’t pop the bladder (we tried!), its extremely strong and since the electric pump is driven by a fan and NOT a compressor, the display will never pop.

When you’re ready to tear down the display, you can use the same electric pump but this time hooking up the pump’s air source to the display’s bladder in order to deflate it really fast.

On the WaveLight Air Wall, there are two valves which are located at the top of the display.

If you need to check for leaks on the valve, use some soapy water and look for bubbles. If you don’t see bubbles, then, chances are, there is no leak. You can use non-soapy water for this test as well, but the bubbles won’t be as visible.

Full Setup Instructions

#1 – Open Travel Bag and Locate the two valves (located at the top of the Air Wall. If you don’t see them, flip the display over)

#2 – Plug in the electric motor and attach the hose nozzle to the motor.

#3 – Open the valve cover and attach the hose to the valve.

#4 – Turn on the electric motor and continue filling the bladder until half full and then connect the other (2nd) valve and inflate the 2nd valve until half full.

#5 – Switch back to the first valve and continue inflating until full and then switch back to the 2nd valve and inflate it until full.

#6 – Once both bladders are completely full, turn off the electric motor and disconnect hose from the valve and screw on the valve covers for both valves.

#7 – Attach the power cord into the bottom of the display

#8 – Tilt the display into position

#9 – Locate a power outlet and plug the power cord in.

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