Backlit Trade Show Displays for 10X10 Booths

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You’ve reserved your 10X10′ trade show booth space and you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of backlit displays. Well, you’re in luck! No longer do you have to wade through limited options that are heavy, expensive and way too cumbersome. Exhibitors now have many options thanks to amazing design and innovative advances. Chances are, whatever you’re looking for there is now an option that fits your needs. Given this, let’s take a dive into some of the more portable and functional backlit trade show options that work great for a 10X10′ booth space.

WaveLight Backlit Displays for 10X10′ Booth Space

The WaveLight Exhibits are Backlit Trade Show Displays that have been a huge hit. The WaveLight was the first to really marry the portable push-pin tube frame system that snaps together in minutes with backlit functionality. By making the aluminum tube frame a little thicker (about 3″ thick) it left enough room inside the frame once the backlit fabric graphic is applied to suspend the LED Ladder Lights so that it floods the inside with light producing bright results. The WaveLight Displays are the most compact and portable backlit display that covers the entire back wall of a 10X10′ booth space.

WaveLight 10X10 Backlit Trade Show Display
WaveLight 10X10 Backlit Trade Show Display

There are now even 10ft WaveLight Backlit Display Kits to add shelving and extra flare. Need a fresh new exhibit design that blows your old set up out of the water? The 10ft WaveLight Kits will give your space that needed lift for your branding. Lastly, new this year is the WaveLight Air Wall Kit. This combines a 10ft WaveLine Back Wall (non-backlit) with a WaveLight Backlit Inflatable Air Wall and Backlit Inflatable Air Podium. It’s a must see, so head over to our WaveLight Image Gallery to see some of the recent projects that have rolled through the doors.

10ft WaveLight  Backlit Air Wall Kit
10ft WaveLight Backlit Air Wall Kit

Lumiere Backlit Trade Show Exhibits for 10X10′ Booth Space

Another great option for your 10X10′ booth space is the Lumiere Backlit Display. These use the popup style frame system. I like to call it the ‘accordion’ style frame system since it is an expandable frame that sets up in minutes. Instead of the push-pin frame system like the WaveLights, it uses the SEG Frame System rails. If you’re not familiar with SEG (silicone edge graphics), it’s just a fancy way of saying the graphic actually has a silicone rubber piece stitched into the perimeter that pushes into a channel or groove on the edge of the frame. This is a great way to attach graphics since it allows the graphic to go right up to the edge of the frame giving it a nice clean edge and appearance. I really like this look and think it does wonders for the image.

Lumiere 10X10 Backlit Trade Show Display

The Backlit Lumiere Back Walls also don’t need feet which is a bonus. Since each is about 14″ thick, it has enough of a footprint to be free-standing all on it’s own without the need for feet. This is great since it allows multiple walls to stand side-by-side to each other without any feet bumping into each other.

The Lumieres can also be double-sided printed AND have graphics on the sides (also referred to as end caps). This gives a nice walk around experience with the entire exhibit being backlit from all sides. The light is evenly distributed and the graphic is made from a specially formulated backlit fabric. Have a 10X10′ booth at this show and a 10X20′ booth at the next show? No problem, simply add another back wall and combined it will give you the full 20′ wall with the freedom to go even larger!

Timberline Light Box Display for 10X10′ Booth Space

The next option is the Timberline Light Box Display series. These are truly unique Backlit (and non-backlit) kits that have added accents and features that make this display set up super functional. Add a TV monitor or Shelving unit. You can even add slatwall to the back wall which turns your booth space into a fully functional retail space for displaying products. Change, add or remove the top wave roof to customize and make it your own.

Timberline Light Box Trade Show Display

With many different Timberline Backlit configurations available you have the freedom to chose the one that fits your needs. Best of all, turn it into a full 20ft display to cover all your booth size needs with everything packed neatly into hard cases with wheels.

Now that you’ve decided to graduate to the new and modern backlit displays, your branding will go to a whole new level and dazzle your customers and show attendees. Need more ideas for your 10X10′ booth space? Give us a shout below.

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