Adding a TV Monitor to a Lumiere Back Wall Display

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“Lumiere Back Wall Displays have grown immensely in popularity over the past year. With key features such as simple setup that mimics their pop-up brethren, Silicone Edge Graphics (or SEGs) to ensure a sharp and vibrant marketing message, and the coveted modularity of the Lumiere system, it is no wonder this display signage is getting used within more and more trade show booths. A new aspect to the Lumiere Back Wall Displays has recently been revealed. Now, these back walls can hold a TV monitor on them. By utilizing this newer technology, you can pave the way to garner more and more success at future trade show exhibitions.

What is Needed for Adding a TV Monitor?

While gaining the ability to attach a TV monitor to your Lumiere Back Wall Display is simple enough, there are a few key components you will need to purchase before getting started. Since TV monitors contain a significant amount of extra weight, having the Lumiere Stabilizer Feet attached to your back wall display can help ensure that accidents will not occur. The extra solidity of the Lumiere Stabilizer Feet is a must-have item when considering attaching a TV monitor to your back wall. Secondly, the special Lumiere TV Monitor Mount will be the device that attaches to your television monitor. It is important to note that even with the Lumiere Stabilizer Feet, the back wall will still only be able to withstand the weight of a TV monitor between 30 and 40 pounds. It is also important to note that due to the construction of the frame for the 10 foot wide Lumiere Back Wall Display, the monitor is unable to be centered. Instead, it will have to be offset to the right. For more details, please refer to this spec sheet (.pdf). However, if you are using the 7.5’ x 7.5’ Lumiere wall, your television mount will, in fact, be able to be centered perfectly. With the Lumiere Stabilizer Feet coupled with the Lumiere TV Monitor Mount, you are all set to turn your Lumiere back wall into a luminous screened display!

Coming Soon: Adding Shelving to a Lumiere Back Wall

If adding a large screen to your Lumiere Back Wall Display wasn’t enough of an impetus to jump on the Lumiere bandwagon, here is another reason. Various options of shelving units will soon be readily available for your Lumiere Back Wall Display! Shelves are a highly welcome addition to the already large range of add-ons for the Lumiere system and can be used in a plethora of creative ways. One can use shelves to turn their back wall into a product display area, place fun and inventive lighting on the shelves to make your booth stand out from the crowd even more, or display and coveted awards your brand or company has won in the past to highlight your reputation. With so many additional options being possible on an already highly modular system, the Lumiere Display System is standing out from the crowd and will help you do the exact same.


The Lumiere Back Wall Display already stood its ground when it came to standing out. Between its modular nature, excellent fabric graphics, and ease of setup, these new add-ons only serve to make the Lumiere line of products that much more desirable. If you have additional questions about setting up your Lumiere Back Wall to hold a TV monitor, inquiries about the Lumiere system in general, or are looking to jump in and purchase your monitor mounting accessories today, feel free to give us a call at 866-398-5938.”

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