A Guide to Your RPL Step and Repeat Back Walls

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When it comes to creating a professional backdrop for various tradeshows, Step and Repeat Backwalls are an indispensable tool for businesses and event planners alike. Whether it’s for a corporate event, a star-studded red carpet, or an engaging trade show, these back walls serve as the perfect canvas to display logos, brand messages, or sponsored imagery.

RPL Step & Repeat Back Walls

Choosing the Right Size for Maximum Impact

One of the challenges in selecting a Step and Repeat Back Wall is finding the right size to fit your venue and event needs. We understand that versatility is key, which is why we offer a wide array of sizes to ensure that whether your event is intimate or expansive, there’s a solution that fits perfectly. From a compact 5ft wide by 7.5ft tall all the way up to an impressive 30ft wide, and with options to go up to a full 10ft tall, we’ve got you covered. To help you visualize the scale, we’ve included images with a 6ft tall person as a reference.

RPL Step & Repeat Renders GIF

Set-Up Made Simple

Forget the days of lengthy and complicated assembly. Our RPL Expandable Step and Repeat Back Walls are designed for convenience. They come neatly packed in a soft travel bag with wheels for easy transportation. The smaller sizes can be expanded swiftly by one person, while the larger sizes require just two, making setup a breeze before any event.

Features That Make Our Step and Repeat Walls Stand Out

Customization: Each wall comes with a custom printed fabric graphic included in the price, so your backdrop reflects your brand or event theme precisely.
Effortless Storage: The expandable frame allows the fabric graphic to remain attached, even when stored, for quick and easy use.
Durability: A soft travel bag with wheels is included, ensuring your step and repeat wall is protected and portable.
Continuous Use: Replacement fabric graphics are available at any time, providing an evergreen display solution for all your events.

See how easy it is to set up the RPL Back Wall:

Enhance Your Display with Optional Add-Ons

For added convenience and impact, consider our optional add-ons:

In summary, our RPL Step and Repeat Back Walls are more than just a backdrop; they’re a statement. With easy setup, various size options, and the ability to customize, these back walls are the ideal choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impression. Ready to step up your event game? Look no further than our RPL Step and Repeat Walls – where your brand can shine, and your events can truly stand out.

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