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In the “old days” there used to be a limited number of portable counters available (especially for Exhibitors) but the WaveLine Info Desk Counters have broke the mold on the traditional 4ft and 6ft counters. We now stock the full line of WaveLine Counters that have the most extensive range in sizes available on the market. These counters now reach from 4ft wide to a staggering 18.5ft wide at the largest model and every size in-between. Now your options are seemingly unlimited for your next trade show, marketing event or even use at car dealerships, hotels, airports, outdoor events and more!

Not only do the WaveLine Info Desk Counters have a huge range of sizes never before made available, but choose from a variety of configurations from serpentine trade show counters to round ‘bar type’ counters. Here are a range of other features as well that make these counters a stellar option for your next event:

Different WaveLine Info Desk Counter Configurations
Different WaveLine Info Desk Counter Configurations

WaveLine Info Desk Features

  • Entirely portable with a push-pin frame system for easy set up and easy disassemble
  • Largest range of sizes presently available for portable trade show counters from 4ft to 18.5ft in overall width
  • Full Color Fabric Printing
  • Print on all Sides of Counter
  • Standard Black Plexi-Glass Counter Tops
  • Different ‘shapes’ from round, straight serpentine counters
WaveLine Info Desk Counter Optional Add-Ons
WaveLine Info Desk Counter Optional Add-Ons

In addition to the exciting list of Info Desk features, we have expanded the add-on options as well to better suit your needs. Here are a few:

WaveLine Info Desk Add-On Options

  • Optional Zipper Cut-Outs on Back for Shelving or Storage Access
  • Optional Add-On Mid-Shelf (1 or more)
  • Special Order Different Counter Top Colors (request options below)
  • Hard Travel Case for Shipping & Storage
  • Optional Tablet Holder

The WaveLine Info Desk Counters are the perfect compliment to other WaveLine Back Walls or Full Booth Packages. No other counter has the range of options and sizes that the Info Desk offers. Use the Info Desk Round Counter as a DJ workstation or the Info Desk Serpentine Counter for handing out samples or product demos.

Let us know if you have any questions about these Info Desk Counters or other Counters in general and we can answer questions or make suggestions.

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