Author: Jenny Andrews

Categories: Trade Show Hanging Sign, Trade Show Tips

The average hanging sign for your typical trade show does not actually require the use of a truss system to suspend the sign above your booth. Smaller signs sized up to 20 or 30 feet only need the usage of standard cable rigging. By using the cable rigging, the sign is connected from the hanging sign itself to specific points on the convention center ceiling. The top of the hanging sign that connects in this way can also be called a bridle. However, when it comes to making as big of an impact as you can, you want your sign to, quite literally, tower above the competition.

Categories: Trade Show Hanging Sign

A hanging sign above your booth at your next trade show can be just the kind of signage needed to draw extra attention to your exhibition space. Signage that is large always catches the eye, especially at potentially crowded events such as trade shows. However, adding the height element to this kind of signage can ensure that attendees will be able to notice your booth from all around the convention center floor.