Which Trade Show Hanging Sign, Shape and Size is Right for me?

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With the variation of hanging signs, the process of selecting which style, size, and even material can often seem like a daunting task. With most geometric shapes at your fingertips, how can one truly govern which trade show hanging sign is right for their specific exhibition booth? Two key components to remember when addressing this question relate to the location of your booth as well as how large the square footage of your booth is. The goal of signage is attract as much attention and aid in driving attendees to your booth throughout the event, and your hanging sign is no exception. However, the secondary function of signage is also to serve the booth space as best it can by complementing the area in which it is displayed.

Again, the criteria to select the perfect hanging sign for your trade show display can seem a bit vague, but some of the specific questions commonly asked will be addressed below to aid you in your selection process.

Is a Bigger Trade Show Hanging Sign Really Better?

In a sense, yes. Put simply, the bigger the billboard, the more visible and legible your hanging sign will be to patrons attending the event. However, with larger signs comes the amplified price tag of producing the sign. Larger hanging signs may require additional supports or other extraneous equipment. For example, if the sign is incredibly large, one may be required to purchase an overhead truss system to aid in supporting the sign itself. Installing the overhead truss system is another fee to consider as well. Want the sign to gain movement and rotate over your booth? Hanging sign rotating motors are indeed available for your hanging sign, but again, there is the cost to consider. When planning your next trade show and want to include a hanging sign within your collection of exhibition signage, it is vital to consider how far you can stretch your budget to get the best possible product you can without breaking your marketing budget. In this way, getting the largest hanging sign on the market may not be the most beneficial to your specific needs.

Simple Square or Fancy Curves?

When it comes to the geometry of your trade show hanging sign, you will most likely come across either squares, rectangles, or rounded signs. There are other shapes as well, such as pinwheels, footballs, and curved triangles if you wish to have a sign that is off the beaten path. However, there is a viable reason why you do not run into those shapes as much as the aforementioned rectangles and rounded ones. The standard square and rectangle signs are popular simply because of their usability within square and rectangle shaped booths. Since these are the most common booth types, having a hanging sign that mirrors that geometry works well for creating a visible message from all sides of your booth, ensuring that exhibition traffic will be able to see your signage. In addition, the large surface lends itself to simple and legible layouts where one can display their company’s name or brand’s logo in a clean and professional manner.

While square and rectangular hanging signs are excellent for the reasons listed above, round signs are a nice change of pace and can work well when used in conjunction with other equipment. Round signs lend themselves to be used with rotating motors. While the motor is an added cost, round signs are generally a little bit less than their counterparts with corners, sometimes by a factor of $100 or even $200. If you are keen on including movement in your booth’s presentation, then round signs are the way to go for sure.

Other Shapes and Sizes

As previously discussed, albeit briefly, there are additional shape options when it comes to your hanging sign. These options include curved squares, curved triangles, football shape, and the unique pinwheel shape. These shapes can help your brand garner a bit more attention due to their unique style. Brands that might be a bit more fun, creative, or just want to show off their quirky side can utilize these specific shapes to reach that effect. Due to their design, they are certain to make your booth stand out from the rest, especially when placed in a sea of squares and rectangles.


While there is a lot to consider when purchasing a new hanging sign for your trade show, not all of the process is as daunting as it may appear to be. Different geometric shapes can lend themselves to have different effects within the marketplace. Coupling a rotating motor with these signs can also serve to help your booth stand out just a bit more from the surrounding competition. If you have any additional inquires about which trade show hanging sign may be right for you, or wish to discuss ordering one of these products, please contact us at 866-398-5938.

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