How to Get More Attention with Your Trade Show Hanging Sign

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Floor space at trade shows are vital real estate. Not only do you have to fit all of your employees and products within the confines of your booth, but you must outfit it with signage that attracts people to the booth. Both the signage and the people will be taking up even more space. Luckily, Trade Show Hanging Signs exist, and can not only save you on floor space but also raise the heads of trade show patrons allowing you to loom over the competition. Below are some tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of this most impressive signage.


Go Bigger!

When it comes to hanging signage, size truly does matter. Quite simply, the bigger your sign ends up being, the farther away people will be able to see it. When upgrading in size, many people think that the increase in square footage will mean a sharp decrease in marketing funds. However, that is not always the case. Depending on the material, going from a hanging sign that is 12 feet in width to one that is 15 feet in width might only be a couple hundred dollars more to make. While this may not seem like a huge increase, remember that every little bit counts when making a first impression, especially on trade show attendees that will see, read, and contemplate your brand before approaching your booth in the first place. Reel them in and get them active within your booth by having your sign make the biggest impact it possibly can.


Custom Hanging Sign Shape

While there are numerous standard sizes and shapes for trade show hanging signs, sometimes you need a product that’s a bit more unique. Just like your company, you want something that represents it; something one-of-a-kind. On the practical side, there might be an occasion in which your booth is in need of a hanging sign that requires very precise specifications. If this is also the case, a custom size could be the optimal solution. Since the shape will be made to your wishes, it will most certainly take additional time to create. This means you should be conscious of a longer turnaround time, since this sign is being made special. What this also means is that more labor will be going into make said sign, which makes it a tad more expensive than the standard shapes. While there are some production and financial aspects to consider when making a custom sign, it can be worth it to have long-lasting signage that is unique to your brand.


Use a Trade Show Hanging Sign Rotating Motor

Although slightly unconventional, rotating motors are starting to gain in popularity at trade shows, specifically when combined with hanging signs. The fluid movement and rotation of the sign is certain to be noticed among the sea of static signage. The motor will also not turn your sign into a propeller of sorts, since it will only complete a full rotation of your sign every thirty seconds.


A few key components to keep in mind when thinking about utilizing one of these rotating motors for your hanging signs include the space as well as the shape of the sign. You will need to make sure that you will have enough clearance space for the sign to rotate through safely, as the length of your sign will be the diameter of it’s circular pathway. Speaking of circles, round shaped signs tend to partner well with rotating motors, since the gentle rotation gives the rounder shapes a more natural look in motion than its rectangular brethren.


Print on the INSIDE as well as the outside

Eighty-five percent of the signs you will see are most likely single-sided. This makes sense to a degree, since you really only need the information to be available on the side that faces your key audience. Printing on the inside of the hanging sign as well as the outside is a viable option and, although it will cost more, will be that much cleaner and presentable to trade show attendees already inside your booth. Not only will they be perpetually surrounded by your brand and signage, but the seams of the sign will just be smoother. Printing on both sides also allows you to adapt the sign for multiple uses, since having a double-sided print will pair perfectly with the aforementioned rotating motors.


Front Lit Lighting

On occasion, the lighting at trade shows is far from perfect. This is a shame, since you spent your time and money to create a gorgeous hanging sign that deserves some attention. Although challenging to do due to the height and potential placement, lighting your hanging sign at the trade show is becoming a popular pathway for many companies in attendance. By using clamp lights around the hanging sign, you can ensure that your well-crafted sign is visible and readable to the public.



Hanging signs have come a long way from simple grommets and twine. By creating custom shapes, you can have a sign that is specific to your brand. Adding movement to a hanging sign with a rotating motor breathes new life into the signage itself, while front lit lighting truly lets your sign shine. If you have questions about ordering custom hanging signage, the specs on the rotating motor, or want to discuss all of your options about hanging signs, please contact us at 866-398-5938.

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