The Evolution of Tradeshows

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Introducing the 20ft Infinity DNA Pro: The Evolution of Tradeshow Displays! The tradeshow landscape has seen myriad backlit displays, each vying for attention. And while there are plenty of 20′ backlit displays on the market, our esteemed Infinity product line was lacking this specific size—until now. For those unfamiliar, Infinity displays stand out in a league of their own. Why, you ask? Let’s delve into the specifics.

20x20 backwall_F
WaveLight Infinity DNA Pro 20ft Backlit Single-Sided Graphic Package

Infinity’s signature feature is the expansive 20-foot uninterrupted graphic. This impressive graphic envelops the entire front of the display, ensuring no seam or break interrupts your brand’s message. The visual experience it offers is unparalleled—seamless, immersive, and downright captivating. Complementing this is the LED backlighting that breathes life into the graphics. The vibrancy and luminosity these LED lights deliver ensures your display grabs attention, irrespective of where a viewer stands.

However, a common hurdle many exhibitors face lies in designing two separate 10ft graphics. The challenge? Ensuring they align flawlessly when put side by side for a 10×20 booth. It’s a design nuance that can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Our solution? The 20ft Infinity DNA Pro. This offering eradicates the need to meticulously align two graphics. Instead, you get a singular, uninterrupted backlit graphic that’s perfect for the 20-foot span. As for the specifics, the full booth kit encompasses:

(2) 10ft Infinity DNA Backlit Walls
(1) 20′ Custom Printed Graphic
(2) CA700 hard travel cases

2 10ft back wall_L-min
2 10ft Backlit Single-Sided Graphic Package

Another advantage? The ease of setting it up. Exhibitors can breathe a sigh of relief, for the Infinity DNA Pro is as user-friendly as they come. Its lightweight and modular design ensures that transportation and assembly are a breeze.

CA700 Hard Travel Case for Infinity DNA Trade Show Back Walls

In the bustling world of tradeshows, where every brand competes for a sliver of attention, the 20ft Infinity DNA Pro is not just a display—it’s a statement. Make your next tradeshow unforgettable. Choose the future; choose Infinity DNA Pro.

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