Promo Banner Stand

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The Promo Banner Stand is a great indoor display for a variety of uses. This display is commonly seen in retail environments, shopping malls, and other locations to display signage. Probably the most important feature of the Promo Banner Stand is that it can hold double-sided prints. This is great for providing signage where there is traffic coming from both sides of the display.

Promo Banner Stand Features:

Promo Banner Stand Frame

The Promo Banner Stand utilizes a steel base plate that allows it to be sturdy. The frame also has an aluminum pole feature that allows the height to be adjustable.

Fabric prints

The Promo Banner Stand is designed to display fabric full-color prints that are usually a poly knit blend or satin material. Pole pockets are stitched and sewn along the top and bottom that allow rods to hold the banner in place. The sizes range from 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall all the way to 24 inches wide by 72 inches tall. This flexibility is nice since you can choose a height that is right for you. 

Set up Guidelines

Setup time is approximately 10 minutes. This banner stand is designed for indoor use only. Production time is approximately 3 to 4 business days once the artwork is been approved. The shipping weight is 8 pounds in the shipping dimensions are 3” x 13” x 40”. Since it is lightweight you can use UPS or FedEx to ship these displays around.

Promo Stand Warranty

There is a one-year warranty on the promo stand hardware as well as the printed graphic.

Promo Stand Options

As previously mentioned, the Promo Banner Stand can hold 2 banners that make it double-sided. This is the most notable option for this display. If you’re in a pinch and need one of these printed quickly, depending on the production calendar there can be a next day rush option.

Ideal Customer for the Promo Stand:

The ideal customer for the Promo Banner Stand is going to be a business owner that has a retail location or other brick-and-mortar environment. But aside from this there is also a wide range of customers from museums, conventions and any other indoor event. I don’t recommend traveling with the promo stand, but if you’re planning on setting it up and leaving it for a while this is a really great option.”

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