Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand

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The Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand is a very effective promotional indoor banner display for any indoor use such as Retail Space, Office Space, or Trade Show. The adjustable height allows it to be used for a wide range of purposes. Its thoughtfully designed, very attractive and efficient solution for many kinds of indoor presentations. It is lightweight and has features that help with making it easy to travel with.


Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand Features:

 Aluminum Frame with Tri-Foot Base

The Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand comes with a decorative, durable, and a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame.  It’s Tri-foot 3 point base assembly provides a perfect mounting solution.  At the top and bottom of the display is an adjustable clamp bar that provides you with options for selecting the right banner height.


Full Colored Dye Sublimation

The Ninja Star Double-Sided Banners are a full color Dye Sublimation Fabric Prints


Stand and Graphic Size:

The stand comes with one adjustable size but the graphics size can range from 23.5″ wide and height ranging from 36” to 84” tall.


Easy to Install

The Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand can be set up with just one person. Here is the step by step guide to install:

  • Once all items are taken from the shipping boxes, Screw the flat floor stand onto the vertical pole receptacle and place the flat floor stand onto the floor.
  • Remove the screw at the top of the vertical pole and place the pole bracket with the hole centered over that hole at the top of the vertical pole. Replace the top screw and tighten by hand. You need to maneuver the bracket so that it is square with a flat floor stand.
  • Insert the horizontal pole through the banner pole hem at the top of the banner you want to display.
  • Carefully insert the horizontal pole into the top bracket of the banner stand and center the banner on the vertical pole.
  • Raise the telescoping vertical pole by loosening the rings at each section of the pole. When it is at the desired height, secure all rings by tightening by hand.
  • Next insert the horizontal pole into bottom bracket of the banner stand and center the banner on vertical pole.
  • Adjust the height by moving bracket to its optimum height.
  • Repeat the process to add second banner and that’s it!


Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand Options and Shipping:

Depending on the quantity ordered, the Ninja Double-Sided Banner Stand takes approximately 4-5 business days to ship once the artwork is approved for the production. This particular banner stand comes with its own travel bag which offers a layer of protection while shipping and also helps you to travel to your events. The banner stand weighs 14lbs and shipping dimensions are 8” X 8” X 48 in a Cardboard Box. For shipping options UPS or FedEx is suggested since it is lightweight.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have 4-5 days to wait, please contact us for rush options. Depending on your production schedule, we may able to produce it early.

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