Lumiere Trade Show Display Configurations

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“Lumiere Displays have been a huge hit ever since their entrance to the trade show exhibition marketplace earlier this year. With key aspects of the Lumiere Displays’ design including versatility, simplicity, and, for some most importantly, affordability, Lumiere Displays allowed numerous trade show exhibitors to finally add that key signage of backlit wall displays into their marketing strategy.

Now, all of the aforementioned keywords describing Lumiere back wall displays can be applied to entire display configurations. With meticulously designed configurations for booth spaces such as 10×10’, 10×20’ and more, all of the grandeur that comes with Lumiere Displays can echo throughout the entirety of your trade show booth. All you have to do as the exhibitor is provide us with the graphics to produce, and in no time at all you can have a portable, reliable, and eye-catching set of display signage to use at your next trade show and beyond.

Types of Lumiere Configurations

These new Lumiere configurations will make encompassing your booth space even more simple. These large walls come in geometric shapes that you are both used to as well as ones that will also serve to optimally benefit the given booth space. For instance, some options for the 10×10’ booth design include “L” walls as well as 15 foot tall back walls. Specifically, the “L” walls in these Lumiere configurations can serve your space excellently by enclosing your booth in bright and vibrant marketing signage. This is especially true if your booth space happens to be on a corner lot, where you can take real advantage of this design. For those exhibitors who may be showcasing in the 10×20 foot spaces, there are Lumiere booth designs that will fit your needs as well. 15 foot high walls are readily available, as well as the aforementioned “L” wall shape. In addition, back walls with accompanying side walls can be purchased to elevate the design of your back wall to new heights. As with all Lumiere Displays, they can be made to glow with the coveted backlit option or made without. The choice is up to you, but no matter what you decide you will end up with a Lumiere display booth configuration that can last for trade show after trade show.

Ideal Exhibitor for the Lumiere Configurations

If you are an exhibitor looking for a backlit display, then look no further than Lumiere displays. These displays have become widely popular due to their aforementioned affordability and quality, and for good reason. Lumiere configurations do not sacrifice price for professionalism either. Exhibitors who are looking for a backlit wall display that is also portable and can stay within their fiscal means does not need to go hunting anymore. Lumiere configurations are an excellent choice for those who want to fully brand the entirety of their booth walls as well.


With how popular Lumiere backlit displays have become over the past year, it is no wonder that this adored signage brand has made the move to booth configurations. Lumiere configurations are a great way to get back lit wall displays at a great price without sacrificing quality. Regardless of what your typical booth size is, there are definitely Lumiere configurations that can serve your company or brand’s specific needs as well as match its style. If you wish to inquire further about Lumiere trade show display configurations or want to cut to the chase and order yours today, contact us at 866-398-5938.”

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