Large-Scale Booth: Panoramic-H Line

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Last week, we showcased some impressive Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs for expansive booth spaces. Building on that theme, this week we turn our attention to a recent large-scale project featuring our Panoramic-H Line Booth.

20X40' Panoramic-H Line Custom Booth 2
20X40′ Panoramic-H Line Custom Booth 2

When it comes to trade show exhibits, most booths you’ll encounter are standard sizes like 10X10′, 10X20′, or 20X20′. But what about when you need to go big? That’s where our expertise in designing and creating large-scale booths comes into play, complete with handling all the logistics.

A Glimpse into the Project’s Magnitude

This particular project wasn’t just about scale; it was about creating an immersive brand experience. The project components included:

  • A full Panoramic-H Line frame system with pre-assembled panels, ensuring a seamless and high-quality display.
  • A dedicated storage room within the booth, offering a practical solution for equipment and materials.

20X40' Panoramic-H Line Custom Booth 1
20X40′ Panoramic-H Line Custom Booth 1

  • Two independent kiosks equipped with TV monitors and overhead cam LED lighting, perfect for interactive displays or presentations.
  • Two towering 16ft structures, complete with top LED lights, forming an impressive and eye-catching part of the exhibit.
  • Thoughtfully placed shelving on the back wall, offering additional display space for products or marketing materials.
20X40' Panoramic-H Line Custom Booth GIF

Efficient Installation and Dismantle

A significant aspect of this project was the efficiency of setup and teardown. The installation process took about 5 hours, which is remarkable considering this was the team’s first time setting up this specific Panoramic-H Line system. Dismantling the booth was even more impressive, taking just 2 hours to tear down and pack everything back into 4 crates, ready for transport.

20X40′ Panoramic-H Line Crate for Transport

Making a Lasting Impression

In the world of trade shows, making a lasting impression is crucial, and size can play a significant role in this. Our recent Panoramic-H Line project demonstrates that going big can be both feasible and impactful. Whether it’s your first large-scale booth or you’re a seasoned exhibitor looking for something grand, our team is ready to bring your vision to life, ensuring every aspect, from design to dismantling, is handled with expertise and efficiency. Let’s make your next trade show exhibit a remarkable one!

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