How to Attract the Attention Your Booth Deserves

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So, you’ve spent those marketing dollars to be at the show.

Now the question is: how impactful can you make it?

The reality is that you’ve taken the first steps, but like all other marketing channels you never stop optimizing your results.

This can be done using some of the helpful suggestions below, but the goal is to be busy throughout the show.

  • Get attendees to stop in their tracks
  • Utilize anything interactive
  • Have a clear message
  • Have a good location
  • Distinguish between strangers and existing customer and business relationships

Marketing Before the Show

Not all of the magic happens when the doors open up in the convention hall.

The months leading up to the show can help make it much more impactful.

The main strategy here is to leverage your existing relationships and set up appointments in your booth before the show so you know you’ll have some traffic there by default.

Check out our “5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Booth Space BEFORE the Show” post. This goes into extreme detail on this topic.

Make sure to let customers know that you’ll be out of the office and who they can talk to so they can have their orders handled and set up support while you’re away.

Advertise or Sponsorships

Become a sponsor or advertise with the show. Look in your Exhibitor Manual for these advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

There can be several methods, but try to find the opportunities that offer the most bang for your buck like advertising on the show’s website, sponsor a seminar, etc.

Make sure to include an irresistible offer in these advertisements. After all, Trade Shows are all about maximizing your return. Check out this post on “Your Guide to Trade Show ROI” to read more on that topic.

Fill Your Booth with the Right People

You’ll want to fill your booth with employees and people who will represent your brand well.

But even the best people can flop if they’re not set up with the correct information and materials beforehand. You’ll want to set them up with instructions regarding dress attire, product and sales messages, strategy, etc.

And make sure to express the importance of smiling faces and a welcoming atmosphere. They’re going to be the face of the company for those 2-4 days on the show floor.

Depending on your industry, like apparel or fitness trade shows, you may find it beneficial to hire temporary staff such as Trade Show Booth Models.

Or, you may want to bring in some Hired Sales Professionals like Expo Stars that can assist you with product message and generate leads.

Trade Show Games and Prizes

Everyone loves games and that principle can be used for booth designs.

A prize wheel trade show game that can help draw attendees into your booth space.

Games like trivia, physical prize wheels, or a raffle are good ways to get some interaction within your booth and break the ice for attendees.

If you need a ‘sign up’ process within your booth, you could set up an iPad on a tablet stand and have your sign-ups be completely automated.

Digital Touchscreen Kiosks, like the Blade Digital Kiosk, are also great for a fully interactive experience. Load up some videos to display on the Blade’s 4k display, load up some 3d models that you can display in a 360 digital presentation, or have a virtual tour for your site.

We’ve had some our customers use these digital displays for some really neat ideas that vary from company to company!

Attract Attendees with Cool New Products

If you want to attract attendees into your booth like flies to a moth, you should show off an display your cool, new products.

A great example of this happens at the CES show at almost every booth. The mega event draws people in from all corners of the globe.

A booth at CES displaying a company's new, exciting product

However, we can’t all be Apple with awesome gadgets, but depending on the industry you’re in, some products will sell themselves.

Trade Show Sound System

Before going with a sound system, you’ll want to check with the show first. Many times there’s noise restrictions in place, but if they’re allowed they’re a really great way to draw a crowd with music or with an announcer.

Be the Master of Ceremony in your own trade show booth by making announcements and getting people to participate in the games.

Location, Location, Location

If possible, you’ll want to strategically reserve booth spaces near entrances, food courts, and other ‘must-see’ booths like well-known companies exhibiting at the show.

Also, if you reserve a corner booth you can get two aisles of traffic feeding towards your location.

If it’s in your budget, stepping up your booth space size to occupy more square footage is a great way to get more visibility and improve your booth space’s location on the show floor.

Bright and Large Trade Show Exhibits

A Large trade show hanging sign thats visible to the entire trade show floor

Having highly visible logos and branding colors can help your customers and attendees recognize you much more easily than darker, non-contrasting colors.

Using a Trade Show Hanging Sign to get your logo and branding way up high in the air so that its visible from the entire show floor. This will pay dividends throughout the show.

Or you may want to bring in some backlit displays to your booth set up. These displays will make your branding and design POP and add a bright look to your booth.

If you’ve walked a trade show floor recently, you can’t help but look at all the backlit exhibits that everyone has now.


These are just a few of the ways to improve and get more attention into your booth.

And since Trade Shows are largely dependent on a booth’s visual impact, the bigger, brighter, and louder the better!

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