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The Adjustable Grasshopper Banner Stand is the perfect indoor display for signage of virtually any size. The grasshopper comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. With a wide range of sizes all the way from 18 inches wide to 59 inches wide and 63 inches tall to 98 inches tall, you are sure to find the size that will work best for you. It’s not hard to get noticed with the grasshopper banner stand, here’s a look at why:

Grasshopper Banner Stand Overview:

The grasshopper banner stand has an adjustable silver finish aluminum frame. It allows you to adjust the graphic with the gear mechanism in the back. Each one of the three sizes is adjustable. The ability for this display to adjust to different sizes is what sets it apart. Unlike the X Banner Stands, the grasshopper models provide this range of sizes: 

  1. Grasshopper Banner Stand-Small: Minimum width is 18 inches and the maximum width is 32 inches. Minimum height is 63 inches to 79” tall.
  2. Grasshopper Banner Stand-Medium: Minimum width is 32 inches to 48 inches wide with a height of 79 inches to 86 inches tall
  3. Grasshopper Banner Stand-Large: Minimum width is 48 inches to 59 inches wide and 83 inches to 98 inches tall

Having this many sizing options to choose from will really help you make the right selection with your signage. The banner is printed on Scrim Vinyl Material and is hemmed and grommeted along the top and bottom. By adjusting the frame in the back it allows you to apply tension to the graphic that gives it a nice professional look. Each banner stand comes with soft rubber tripod feet that give it a professional look and helps prevent it from sliding on the floor.

Grasshopper Banner Stand Options and Shipping:

For a small added cost you can add a soft travel bag if you plan on shipping to shows. The overall shipping dimensions are 60 inches wide by 4 inches tall by 4 inches deep and depending on which size you order you can expect the weight to be anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds which includes the printed graphic. Count on the production time being between 2 to 4 business days depending on the quantity ordered. Add extra time to account for time in transit and make sure you specify the in-hand delivery date.

Large Number of Sizes for a Large Number of Uses:

The Adjustable Grasshopper Banner Stand is ideal for conventions, fairs, retail locations and even in your own office. I have a lot of customers that like to use them in their office for their customers to see. They provide a unique opportunity to display your company message in any size. Planning on changing your marketing message? No problem, you can order a new banner to fit the frame easily and affordably.

Simple, affordable, and adjustable, the Grasshopper Banner Stand is a great option for a variety of signage needs. Please send me an email or ask a question about any other details regarding this unit or any others.

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