Best Way to Store Your Trade Show Hanging Sign in Between Shows

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Planning ahead for trade shows can turn into quite the ordeal if you are not already prepared and anticipating the bumps in the road. Numerous headaches and additional stressors can occur. The last thing you need as you are preparing for another exhibition is to have an issue with signage that you initially thought you would not even have to consider. By taking the proper steps to keep your signage is good condition, in this case your coveted trade show hanging sign, you can have one less potential worry and one less aspect of the planning process to bring you grief.

Keep Parts List With the Sign

As we talked about previously, having numerous checklists can be a vital step to take when planning out your next trade show. It allows for you as the planner to ensure all of your ducks are in their rows, every key part is accounted for, and so on. The same can be said when ensuring that your trade show hanging sign is stored properly. With so many potential parts, organization is key. While your storage area should be arranged for easy access, having copies of the parts that go with each of your different displays and signage can save you time, effort, and ultimately money at the end of the day. Keep a hard copy of the parts for your trade show hanging sign stored with the actual sign itself. In addition, have a digital copy in a safe folder on your computer, just in case. Backing up all checklists as well as parts lists is an excellent suggestion as well. Store these backups either on an external hard drive or using cloud based storage software such as Google Drive or Dropbox that your teammates have access to. This way, even if you are not there to visually inspect the signage and need to confirm a detail, you can pull up the parts list easily on your smartphone, tablet, or other wireless device.

Store Fabric Graphic in it’s own Box

Storing the fabric graphic for your trade show hanging sign separately from the hardware can increase the longevity and quality of the graphic itself. By storing the graphic separately, you are helping to ensure that the graphic does not get squished or get grime, dirt, or oil on it, all of which are the last things you want to see 48 hours before you are supposed to display this marketing signage at your upcoming trade show. To protect your trade show hanging sign graphic, store the fabric in its own special box and fold the graphic loosely in order to limit the number of creases. By keeping the graphic in an open plastic bag within the aforementioned box, you can let the fabric breathe a little, which is something that can be useful for allowing the quality of the fabric to last. Once properly stored, labeling the graphic is essential. As previously discussed, organization plays a major role in both the success and stress level of an approaching trade show. Having various boxes labeled as “Box 1 of 2” can guarantee that pieces and parts of signage will not be left behind. In addition, going one step further and labeling boxes as “Box 1 of 2: Graphic” can help you find exactly what you are looking for quicker and easier.

Secure poles and frame inside case

The above mentioned tactic of securing parts within bags can also be applied to the various assembly materials needed for the hardware itself. The smaller parts can and should be stored in those heavy duty ziplock bags in order to keep them all together. The previously discussed parts list as well as the instructions for the hardware can all be kept in this particular bag. The bigger pieces, such as poles and such, should be kept within the case itself. These pieces should be tightly secured so as to prevent any mishaps such as damage during transit, especially if you are shipping the case via UPS or FedEx. If an object is bouncing around within the case, the potential for that object to break or be damaged in some way is definitely increased. Once everything is properly stored and secured, it is recommended that you store all of these materials indoors in a climate controlled room.


The common expression “you reap what you sow” can definitely be applied to taking care of your trade show hanging sign. By spending the extra time and effort to do these actions, you can actually save yourself time, hassle, and even money in the long run. Properly taking care of your signage is vital, so as to not hemmorage your marketing budget on replacements. Having your unique trade show hanging sign be as crisp and clean as the day it arrived in the mail is just one step to having a highly successful trade show experience.

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