8 Ways Trade Shows Can Re-Open Safer for Everyone

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Right now it’s hard to say when trade shows will start to resume again. It will definitely be longer than any of us are hoping. The smaller regional events will most likely get the green light from their state first to be able to proceed. Followed later by larger shows.

In the meantime, it’s smart to be thinking about how to re-open shows that take place with large gatherings now so that they can be as safe as possible when things do start to resume.

Here are some ideas we’ve tossed around that might be helpful for shows to consider as they put their plans in place:

#1 Make the Aisles of Trade Shows ‘1-Way’ so there are fewer people passing each other.

#2 Require Masks for Everyone inside the Convention Center. This may be cumbersome, but still a meaningful and worthwhile precaution that will help to cut down on infection.

#3 Take Everyone’s Temperature before entering a Convention Hall. Anyone symptomatic will not be able to enter.

#4 Reduce Crowd Sizes by having designated days for attendees. A 3 day trade show can be split among attendees who get assigned a certain day to reduce overall volume inside a Convention Hall at any given time. Cap the overall total of people inside.

#5 Strategically Placed Hand Sanitizer Kiosks around the show floor along with signs indicated where bathrooms are for more hand washing.

#6 Provide Free Wireless for all Exhibitors so they can connect with attendees who stayed at home via video conferencing to explain and set up meetings remotely.

#7 Have a ‘No Shaking Hands’ Policy. No hugs and no shaking hands until this things goes away.

#8 Increase Cleaning Labor during the show to make sure everything is adequately wiped down and sanitized.

These steps along with many others combined with a strong game plan will go a long way towards the eventual re-opening of shows across the country. Not only are these essential during times like this, but hopefully many of these practices will carry over long after for better health for everyone.

What are some of your ideas that can be used to make events safer for everyone?

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