The Ultimate DIY Trade Show Display: Tubular Displays

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In this post I will be discussing the Tubular Display System. Most seasoned Exhibitors are already familiar with the stretch fabric displays, but I wanted to go into more depth about what makes this type of display the perfect DIY option for many and share with you some Best Practices to improve your next Event experience.

The Complete Package

Gone are the days where you had to piecemeal your booth together with limited options. Tubular Display Packages now feature Back Walls, Counters, Free-Standing Displays, and Towers. Since they are made from the same frame system and fabric graphics, they all match giving your booth the complete look.

10ft Curved Tubular Display Back Wall

DIY Price

About 10 years ago when I first started selling Trade Show Displays, there were only a couple suppliers of tension fabric displays and the cost was, well… expensive! Not so much anymore. Most of the common shapes and sizes are ready to go. There are some exceptions, like if you are looking for a Custom Shape that has to be designed and made from scratch but we have the most common requests covered in addition to offering competitive pricing on Custom needs.

DIY Set Up & Shipping

Some shows are like a traveling circus and I would emphasize ‘circus’. Your booth set up doesn’t have to be a mad scramble to set up. One person can set these displays in minutes. Watch this video to see how quick and easy the set up for one of our Back Walls is:

10ft Curved Tubular Display Set Up Video

Tip: Set up your back wall on the ground and then when finished, tilt it up

Shipping is simple too. Each Tubular Display comes with a Travel Bag that is similar to luggage. This then fits inside a cardboard box when it originally ships to you. You can continue to ship this way to all your shows and it provides plenty of protection. Additionally, you can order a Hard Case to hold everything if you are looking for that extra layer of protection or plan on shipping overseas.

Tip: You can take a standard 10ft Back Wall with you on an airplane and ‘check’ the baggage.

DIY Design

Each display and design has its own unique artwork template that comes with instructions so you can do the design yourself right the first time. Don’t have a way to create the artwork yourself? No problem, we can help with the added service of getting your artwork design ready in just a day or two.

DIY Flexibility

Lastly, you have the choice to add a range of features to these displays including Double-Sided Printing, LED Lights, etc. Mix and match to create different configurations for 10×10′, 10×20′, 10×30′, 20×20′ Booth Spaces and Beyond! As always, let us know if we can answer any questions!

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