20X20′ Tower and Workspace Counters Configuration B

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This 20X20′ Booth Configuration B, coming from the feedback from our valued clients and an innovation in booth design. Originally a custom setup, this layout is a big help for the needs of exhibitors wanting an effective space for lead generation through computer stations, while also leveraging TV Monitor Kiosks to bolster their sales process. The centerpiece, a towering 15ft Blimp Tower, features a rotating sign at the top, offering both superior branding visibility and a cost-effective alternative to traditional hanging signs, eliminating hefty rigging fees.

Addressing a common exhibitor challenge, our solution delivers a booth layout optimized for both branding and active lead acquisition. Configuration “B” is more than just a booth; it’s a comprehensive kit. Included is the prominent Blimp Tower with its rotating sign, and three strategically placed Counter Kiosk Workstations. These workstations come equipped with TV Monitor Mounts and offer double-sided signage, ensuring your brand remains front and center while engaging potential leads. Elevate your trade show presence with a design that truly understands your needs.

Whats included in this package

(1) 13' Tall Square Blimp Tower with 42" Top Rotating Tapered Round Sign
(3) Standalone Hybrid Pro Counter Kiosk with Printing
(1) OCF Freight Case

Additional Specifications

Rush Optionno
Weight (lbs)510
Display Width (in)240
Display Height (in)96
Ship From Location (FOB)TX and IL
Shipping Length (in)
Shipping Width (in)
Shipping Height (in)

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