Google Ads Management

Trade Shows Are Gone... For Now
But did you know that we also specialize in Google Ads Management?

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With Trade Shows being cancelled and postponed, it is now more important than ever to stay in front of new & existing customers.

Google Ads Consulting

$ 250 per hour
  • Thorough review of current strategies and results
  • Work 1 on 1 with a Google Ads Expert
  • Gain outside perspective from industry experts
  • Review your Google Ads Account live over the Phone & Screen Share

Google Ads Management

starting at
$ 400 per month
  • All PPC management is tailored to your company specifically
  • Weekly management and Monthly Reporting
  • No contracts (Month to Month Pricing)
  • View all features below

We not only know Google Ads like the back of our hands, but we built our own business on it.



The Best Bang for No Bucks

No Set Up Cost + 1st Month Completely Free

For a limited time, take advantage of our $0 Set Up Cost + 1st Month Completely Free ($400 Value).


*Offer Good Thru May 31st, 2020


Now is the perfect time to connect with your customers directly in the absence of trade shows.

    What your 1st Month Looks like:

    Phone Consultation with Full Review of Goals:

    Set Up 1st Campaign (if you don't have any already):

    Landing Page Assessment:

    Ready... Set... Launch!


    What if I cancel, will my Ads be lost?

    No. You keep 100% of all work that we have done and you maintain full control of your account.

    What if I'm not satisfied?

    We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied you can cancel at any time and there is no contract.

    Our goal is to ultimately pay for ourselves.  The sales and gross profit you receive after successful campaigns have been established should more than pay for the Adspend and our Ad Management Fees when given enough time and opportunity to optimize.

    What results should I expect?

    Google Ads, not unlike other marketing channels is something that has to be continually worked on and refined to get the results you need. We never stop making improvements so that we get more results with less money and take advantage of new opportunities. In some cases, results may appear right away, in other cases, it can take a couple of months or longer to dial it depending on the natural sales cycle of your industry. But rest assured we want your results to appear as quickly as you do. The more you win, the more we win having you as a satisfied customer and possible glowing referrals 🙂

    What makes us different?

    We not only have years of extensive Google Ads Management experience, but we have built a business on it. Most Google Ads Managers don’t have the business experience and crucial insight needed to properly take advantage of your market. We bring that background and experience to each and every company’s Google Ads account, which we think is extremely important.

    Do you update our web pages?

    No. We focus on the Google Ads Management. Depending on your website, certain pages may need to be updated by you or a web developer to optimize performance.  

    We can however build custom landing pages if needed using our Unbounce account.  These can be extremely beneficial with creating promotional pages with offers to capture leads.  This service is included with your plan.  Please note: If you cancel your service with us, you do not retain these custom built landing pages since they are on our account.

    Can you assist with any other online marketing?

    As of right now, we focus entirely on Google Ads. 

    The reason for this is #1 we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin and we can add more value by being great at one discipline and not just ‘good’ in multiple disciplines. 

    Reason #2 is because of the nature of Google being different than other online marketing channels.  Google Ads appear mostly when someone is activity searching for what you sell which is extremely powerful.  Compare that with other online marketing channels where you put ads in front of people that might be targeted by demographic, but are not in the market and actively searching for what you sell. We think there is a big difference especially when it is your money that is being spent.